I love it. The gun laser combination fits perfectly. The workmanship is amazing. Thanks so much and you will be my vendor of choice for future holsters. - C. Albrecht
Very impressed. You carry a good, high end quality product at a very fair price. Thanks and I'll be sure and tell my gun enthusiast friends about you. - J. Fielder
The ankle holster was received and I have worn it for two days in comfort. No more cuts and bruises. It is perfect. - J. Clark
Thank you Lone Star Holsters for the custom holster. Fits my Sig. P220 like a glove. - O. Cruz
I received my order today. It is awesome. The detail is just great. - J. Fagan
I recieved my holster a few days ago you and your workers do excellent work. The holster is beautiful, it fits me like a glove and is very comfortable to wear. Believe me it was well worth the wait. Again I thank you all and I will recommend your fine company to my friends. - M. Little
Arrived today thank you for the prompt service. - G. Potter
Just a note to say Holy Sh*t Batman, I knew the holster would be nice, but NOT THIS NICE!!! Right out of the box it fit like a glove. I've read all over the internet how people need to break in their holster by using Liquid Lighting, plastic bags or other methods. Not this rig. Tight but not too tight. Again, your the only company that I'm aware of that will custom build a rig for a weapon equipped with a tactical light. Sweet!!! - Det. C. Manske
Got my holster today! BEAUTIFUL workmanship! Fits perfectly, looks great. - B. Norwood
I just wanted to let you know that the mag pouch is supurbe. You folks operate a fantastic business. Please feel free to use my name as a very satisfied customer. - W. Mills
Received the holster earlier this week. Thank you very much..it is beautiful and worth the wait and the money. - S. McDowell
I have had my Lone Star holster for some months now and I am very happy with it. It is very comfortable. I can wear it all day and it is like a watch, after a short time I forget its there. - P. Cove
Sending you all a BIG Thankyou, got my 686 holster today, Great workmanship, will be calling on you again in the near future. - J. McGrail
We recieved my husbands holster on Friday. It is beautiful and fits his gun like a glove. He loves it and I am so happy with your service. - L. Pleasant
I just received my shoulder holster for my FNX-40 and it looks fantastic. it fits perfectly. i dont even feel like i am wearing a shoulder holster. - M. Serletic
Thanks so much for the holster, and the timely way it was sent.....my wife absolutely loved it....the quality and workmanship was excellent. Good old American quality...it will last a lifetime. - K. Hadley
 I searched far and wide for someone to manufacture a custom shoulder rig for my AWC Badlander, and no one was willing to take on the job. One quick web order with your group, and I rapidly received a perfectly fitted shoulder system for my pistol. You obviously know your business well, and your craftsmanship and quality are superb. - J. Cuthbert
I am a left handed and it is hard to find holsters out there. My custom made holster came in yesterday and I just wanted to say it looks fantastic!!!!! The price is very much worth it! - M. Ridgway
Got the holster for my Llama (out of production) semi-auto pistol.  I could not be happier!! And so promptly too. I have several old Lawrence holsters and yours is every bit the same high quality. - JWO 
Received the holster today in the mail...NICE JOB. It fits like a glove and is beautiful. And a special thanks for getting it done so fast. I`ll pass the word on your great business. - J. Heady
I just wanted to thank you for the magnificent holster yiu recently shipped to me for my Kimber 3" Ultra Carry. Best holster I've had in 40 years!! I'll be ordering a new holster for my HK USP Compact .45 now!! - COL R. Zimmerman, Sr.
I received my holster. I love it. Thank yall for the customer service & timely manner. You have a customer for live. - B. Reeves
I am very satisfied with the construction of this H200 sling. You said you would put it up against any on the market and you are right! It is of a heavier construction than other brass hardware slings I've found on the internet. I'll be happy to put it on my original Springfield M1903 WWI rifle - J. Sutherlin.
"Custom" does not adequately describe the trials I put Billy and Patti through, but the rig they built is fine workmanship, and I am sure it will last longer than I. Now I can wear .357 and .45 custom holsters seperately on the same belt, or BOTH together, along with .45 mag holder and .357 speedloader holders.  As well as 6 belt loops for each gun at the back. Just perfect. Thanks to everyone who worked on this for me. - M. Symmons
The holster is just perfect. I am totally happy with the rig. Thank you again. - S. Mayorga.
Got my leather clamshell holster for my Taurus revolver today!! Thank you for a fine looking,good fit, left handed holster. Looking to buy more soon. - J. Sanderson
I just recieved my holster and belt, very happy with looks & quality. i didn't expect it to come so soon.  LONESTAR = great service, excellent quality. - P. Stout
I received the shoulder holster  yesterday.  Believe me, it was well worth the wait!  It is all I had hoped for and more and well worth the price.  It really is great to be satisfied so completely; I hope you realize what I recognize:  that you are superlative craftsmen. - C. Carroll
My hoslster just arrived.  it looks great and what i expected.  Your companies name will be passed around at my local gun club with high praise. - John
My order arrived today as promised, it was perfect. I am very pleased with quality of the leather as well as the craftsmanship. Great Job!!!!  - J. Kenedy
I recieved the holster today. Fits well and was just what I was looking for. Thanks. - Greg
Shipment received.  Excellent workmanship.  Thank you! - E. Niemiec
Received my holster. Please extend my thanks to the craftsman who made this "heirloom" for me. It is exactly what I was looking for and perfectly suits my needs. This was worth the wait. - 1 Lt. M. Wilson
Both purchases were shipped out within a day or two of the transaction - unheard of.  Every one of my numerous email questions were accurately and promptly answered. Thanks again. - J. Wittman
Received the sling and very pleased with it. Excellent quality, superb craftsmanship. Compliments my Mauser model 1938. - K. Meyers
Got the holster yesterday- GREAT JOB!!  - Mike 
Thanks so much for a great product, and thanks for getting it to us so fast. - Julie 
Got the order, thanks for the qiuck service, will recommend to friends. - Rick 
I received my (FIST) holster and am very pleased with the quality and fit. - B. White
I got my X-tra fine holster in the mail today!!!!  PERFECT!   - Lt. Cale, USMC
Thank you for a beautiful holster.  It will serve me well for many years.  - Oldsarge
Looking forward to receiving the holsters. Nice to know some things are still made here in the states. I appreciate the great service. - R. Ried
I have just received the rifle sling and I am very pleased with it.  They are of excellent quality and the craftsmanship is superb  - K. Meyers
Merci beaucoup et à la prochaine. Entretemps, je vous souhaite un Joyeux Noël sans trop de neige au Texas. Au Québec, plus il y a de neige, mieux c'est pour le ski. - J. Gagnon
I got it today.  Love it, it's exactly the style I was looking for, and a great price too.  - M. Haggerty
Great customer relations + great products = Growth! Thanks again for the World Class customer service!  May God Bless your business.  - Fred
Thank you for your notification of shipping and I appreciate the personal touch. I will certainly keep you in mind. - G. Akers
I have received the holster and it has exceeded my expectations.  It is great !! Thanks so much. - T. Rudich
Thanks  It just arrived, and looks great.  Well worth the little extra wait.  - T. Wilson
I've marked your site as a favorite and will definately purchase from you folks when I've decided on the style that will work for me.  - P. Gainer
I am happy to find a source of left-handed holsters.  I will keep you site as a favorite for future reference.  - V. Garrone
I've got to tell you that this is the ABSOLUTE BEST holster I've ever had, let alone worn. I wear it every day here in Kosovo and it's great  - SGM Wagner
Everything was great and the holster and cleaning kit were GREAT! thank you soo much for being such a great company, i appriciate your hard work!  - R.Pena
Thank you for your quick response. I've never owned a handmade holster and am sure it is worth the extra little wait.  - J. Rink
I received the holster and I want you to know I love it.  It is made out of quality material and fits the gun well. - R. Anderson